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Letter In A Bottle


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Promote World Peace
...through Friendship and Communications
Support UNICEF ...and the Children of the World


October 20, 2005
Neat program. Your letter in a bottle kit is a big hit in my family.
Now mom and dad, even granny wants to order one.
Thanks for your help.
Josephine Pinaula
Agat, Guam USA
I brought my kit to school and showed it off to my classmates.
My teacher was impressed and told us wecould make it a
class project. You will be getting more orders from us.
Carla Bordick
Houston, Texas
Oct 14, 2005
Thank you Mr. Perez for your new "letter-in-a-bottle" program.
My sister and I sailed ours off last weekend. We included
some trinkets and things. Can't wait to hear from somebody,
from somewhere in the world. Maybe you could establish a
contest to award the person who sailed their bottle the farthest.
It would make a good incentive.
Thank you again.
Doreen Jacobs
September 27, 2005
I sent my bottle out today from my hometown of Miami.
I'm guessing it will sail back up the coast and around to
the european seaboard. Am I correct?
Marge Davies
Miami, Florida
Aug 21, 2005
Yeah! My kit is here! I'm still debating what to say in my note and
what to include. Give me a few weeks to come up with something.
By the way, all my friends here at college think it's awesome.
Lauren Kimble
Texas A & M
July 1st, 2005
Dear guys,
Awesome Kit!  The thought that you are sending a percentage of
the proceeds to UNICEF is great. I support you completely. Thanks.
Barrie Michaels
Los Angeles, California
Hey there! Got out package today. Too excited to write.
My gal pals are estatic. Funky plan......
Jade Jones


May 11, 2005
I like my kit. I will not send it off. I plan to keep it.
Thank you very much.
Fred Calimlim
Manila, Philippines
May 1st, 2005
Letter in a Bottle.
Hello Mr. Perez,
I recently purchased your Deluxe Letter in a Bottle Kit. What a neat idea to promote World Peace through communications and friendship plus supporting the United Nations Children's Fund. I am telling all my friends and family to support your cause.
Ron Wasko
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740
April 16th, 2005
Letter in a Bottle
I purchased your kit because I want world peace and because I support the UN's Children's fund. I am 15 years old and I live in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. I sent out my bottle yesterday. I included some white sand from Hawaii to give the person who finds my bottle a feel of paradise. You have a great idea and a warm heart. This will catch on and many, many people worldwide will support your cause. Thank you.
Justin Dumlao
Hilo, Hawaii USA
My name is Rosa Santos and I live in Spain. I purchased your kit last month and I floated my bottle this morning. I had one of those mini Spanish flags which I included, along with some Spanish trinkets. What a wonderful idea. I am so excited and wondering who will find my bottle. Would it be my prince charming?
Rosa Santos
April 15, 2005
Thank you for sending my kit to me. I plan to send it out very soon.
Just the idea of waiting for someone to find it and wondering who that
person might be is groovy.
Dale Payne
Santa Barbara, California 
Hi Mr. Perez,
My kit has arrived and I have so many ideas. Your program is unique cause
it offers a wonderful way of meeting and making new friends. It brings back
that long, lost intrigue of olden times. I'm already picturing in my mind who
and what that someone who finds my bottle will look like. What a mystery.
April Young
Atlanta, Georgia USA  
My kit arrived in the mail today. I'm undecided where I should sail it out from.
We live in San Diego so the ocean is just minutes away. Great ideas. Terrie,
my best friend is still waiting for her kit. She ordered it a few days after I did.
Geraldine Farmer
San Diego, California
April 12, 2005
Hello Sir(s)L
Thank you for sending my kit. I received it the other day. I am so excited.
My mom and dad are excited too. I would like to include my picture in the
bottle so the finder will know what I look like.
Thank you again and god bless.
Joseph Leederman
Age:  14
Montreal, Canada

My letter in a bottle.

I floated my letter in a bottle today. I'm happy and excited just thinking about it. I live in Peru and wondering if it will float all the way to Japan or China? I think with the right conditions and currents, it might.

I like your idea of mystery. This letter in a bottle is so mysterious and upbeat.


Risa Brillante

Lima, Peru


02 April 2005

Hello Sir(s):

I am really having fun with your "letter in a bottle" kit. Mine arrived yesterday but I live in Denver. I could take it and floated in the Colorado River. I have a cousin in California. I'll ask her to launch it for me.

Thanks for everthing.

Yours truly,

Benjamin Rikor
Denver, Colorado


April 2, 2005
Greeting from New Zealand.
I ordered and received your deluxe letter in a bottle kit. I plan to sail it this weekend. I wrote some maori songs and chants which I will include in the bottle. I want that person who finds my bottle to read it and enjoy our ancient language. I included a picture of myself, my wife and my three daughters.
Thank you very much.
Rojie Blaine
Auckland, New Zealand

P.S. A few friends will be ordering your kit soon.


March 28, 2005

Letter In A Bottle

Hello Sir,

It took me awhile to purchase your kit as I have no credit cards. I had to beg my mom to purchase it for me. She read your letter on your web site and she was convinced it was a worthy cause. You can't begin to imagine how excited I was when my kit arrived. I took it to school and showed it off to my classmates. Since I live in New York, I need to wait until summer to launch my bottle. My family will be visiting relatives in the New Jersey coast and we plan to send it out then. My mom and dad are just as excited as me. They've asked if I could include a note from them in the bottle. I agreed as it will be a family project. Thank you Mr. Perez for extending your kit to us.

I will contact you if and when I receive a reply.

God Bless You, Mr. Perez.


*Geraldine Costa
Henry & Wilmina Costa

Syracuse, New York





1050 Bishop Street, Suite 200
Honolulu, Hawaii USA 96813