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Letter In A Bottle

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President's Message
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Promote World Peace
...through Friendship and Communications
Support UNICEF ...and the Children of the World


Greetings & Hafa Adai,
Thank you so much for purchasing our 'Letter In A Bottle' Kit. You should congratulate yourself for being a part of our worthy cause in promoting World Peace through friendship and communications and supporting (UNICEF) the United Nations International Children's Education Fund. A percentage of the sale is dedicated for donation to UNICEF and the Children of the World.
Our 'Letter In A Bottle' program is about having fun. Some of our clients have written to us telling us some of the neat and fun things they have done. A boy in Hilo, Hawaii wrote that he placed some Hawaiian Sand in the bottle to give the finder a feel of paradise. A woman in Spain wrote that she included a Spanish Flag to share her patriotism. And a man in New Zealand wrote a Maori Chant and sent it in the bottle to express his personal freedom.
Whatever you choose to do, make sure you write your name, address and contact number on the Special Perforated Paper so the bottle finder can contact you. Remember that this is not instantaneous like electronic email and not as fast as snail mail. It may take days, it may take years to get a reply but this is the wonder of it all.
Thank you and May God Bless.
Sincerely yours,
PUGUA' International Corporation
1050 Bishop Street, Suite 200
Honolulu, Hawaii USA 96813
Telephone: (808)247-8742




1050 Bishop Street, Suite 200
Honolulu, Hawaii USA 96813