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Letter In A Bottle

Ideas & Instructions
Talking Points
Who Is
Ideas & Instructions
President's Message
Order Kit

Promote World Peace
...through Friendship and Communications
Support UNICEF ...and the Children of the World


1. Check your package carefully. You should receive a glass bottle with a cork, A message from our President, an Ideas and Instructions sheet, plus Two colored paper for you to write your message information on.
2. Make sure you write your Name, Age, Home & Mailing Addresses, Email or Contact Numbers. Write a brief message about who you are and the place you are floating this bottle from. Include the date and time and anything else you deem appropriate.
3. Some people include trinkets in their bottles; some include White Sand; some place mini flags from their country; some send poems and chants; some flower petals; some send money such as a dollar bill; and still, some include a photo of themselves. You can do whatever you want just make sure that you do not load the bottle too heavily that it will not float.
4. Once you have completed your message and ready to launch your bottle off, find a location such as a river, lake or ocean. If you live far from any river, lake or may request that we launch your bottle for you. You can also have a friend or relative living near these sites to do it for you.
5. Remember that a percentage of your purchase price is being donated to the United Nations International Children's Education Fund so this is a good thing. Also, a warm message of aloha and friendship will go a long way in bringing peace to our world.




1050 Bishop Street, Suite 200
Honolulu, Hawaii USA 96813